Essence RO Water Dispensers

Conventional water bottle dispensing is an outdated approach to modern business needs.  As commercial real-estate premiums continue to increase, the need to save space and operating cost is a necessity!  As opposed to storing a surplus of drinking water bottles and replacing the heavy bottleswhen empty, allow us to provide onsite purification systems that provide unlimited pure water at the touch of a button! The filtration unit installs unnoticed in unused areas of your office, and when paired with our elegant and contemporary-designed dispensers, the combination provides the perfect solution!

The best part? The more you drink, the more you save!

Essence RO.jpg

Step 1

We Begin with the installation of our famous Essence Reverse Osmosis Water System.  The Essence System installs discretely under a sink, within a utility room or mechanical space, and treats the water within your office or home; creating the highest quality pure drinking water!


Step 2

Select the locations within your office or home you wish to have a dispenser, and select your style!  We offer designs ranging from Stand-Alone in any finish (White, Black and Stainless/Black Combo), to Counter-Top units with a beautiful contemporary Stainless/Black finish and Blue Led lighting! All dispensers offered provide perfectly chilled or hot water at the push of a button, or the pull of a lever!

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Step 3

While you think of what to do with your extra office space and savings, enjoy an ice-cold glass of Corridor Clean Water!